"UNC has a football team?"

So I know that Carolina isn't exactly known for their football team -- OK, since the '90s it's been pretty awful -- but I wouldn't quite take it this far:

This, after all, is one of the chief responsibilities of being a North Carolina graduate: Pretending you care about the football team. It isn't always easy.

UNC-Chapel Hill graduate Steve Politi wrote this and much more in a column for the Star Ledger from Newark, N.J., about his alma mater and their upcoming match-up with his new hometown team, Rutgers University. A lot of UNC fans and alumni have little affection for the football team, but I don't get why he's so negative. He was in school here during the heyday of UNC football in the '90s with current Texas coach Mack Brown.

The Tar Heels won the Peach Bowl when I was a junior in 1993, and that seemed like a big deal when it happened. Then the basketball team won the national championship that spring, with about thousands and thousands of people jamming Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill, with classes canceled and parties lasting well into the next day and Dean Smith elevated from deity to full-fledged God status.

And, sorry, but what bowl game was that again?


I look forward to basketball as much as the next Tar Heel, but some respect should be given to the football team, too. I mean, it could be worse: we could be dook.

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Chris Monaghan said...

"The sound of the marching band would wake us up in our dorms, and we'd invariably wander out in time for the second quarter."

At least your descendants woke the guy up.

Besides, I took the liberty and read a few of his other columns. He has some pizazz, but he's not a great writer. I think the Star Ledger is where he'll be for a while +_+