The Inscoes made the news!

After a few e-mails from my mom, the Cary News decided to write a short article about my summer road trip with my granddad and sister. Vickie Jean Dehamer talked to all three of us and used my trip blog to craft a nice little article that was published on September 3.

I was very impressed and excited to read someone else’s take on our summer. She also mentioned the trip blog at the end of her article, which is probably the reason the blog got 420 hits yesterday.

Here are some snippets:

Ask most kids if they would spend a month in a car with family, and they’d probably need a minute to think about it.

Corey Inscoe of Cary didn’t even hesitate.

“This might be the only opportunity to see the country with Paw-Paw,” he recalled in his blog, an electronic diary he published on the Internet chronicling the 32-day trip he took this summer with his grandfather Walter Inscoe and sister Madison — one that covered over 10,000 miles from June 10 through July 12.


Walter, 81, a retired U.S. Air Force chief master sergeant, was the mastermind behind the impromptu expedition, coming up with the idea after losing his wife Mildred in December after more than 60 years of marriage.

“So I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself and I called my son and said, ‘what do you think if I ask my two grandchildren to go on this trip?’” Walter said. “They said yes, and I started making plans.”


In the end, Corey may have benefited more from his cross-country adventure than from any journalism internship, because it got him back into the habit of writing every day. He hopes to segue his blog into an article for a local travel magazine.

Walter knew what he was doing the whole time.

“I spent more time with them in those 32 days than I have their whole lives,” he said. “I wouldn’t take a million dollars in exchange for it.”

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