Local Celebrity? Oh, and Ben Folds Five

Updating an earlier post, it seems as if the Inscoe story is spreading beyond the pages of the Cary News. WRAL anchor Bill Leslie mentioned and linked to us in his travel blog on WRAL.com. It generated some interest in the blog, netting us a grand total of 1,011 views on September 4 alone. This is more views than I got on any point during our actual trip. It's pretty exciting that the blog is getting this much attention, even this long after the trip is over.

I hope to work on editing and pulling together the blog into a story form. (I know I've said this multiple times, but I promise it will happen.) If nothing else it will be good practice for the future. When I look at the job ahead, I have a lot more respect for Jack Kerouac.

In other news, I got lower level tickets to the Ben Folds Five reunion show!! All it took was going out there last night at midnight, trying to sleep on a brick sidewalk with a small blanket and waiting in line for an hour after the tickets went on sale at 10 to get to the box office. Even after getting out there that early, I was still behind about 140 people.

It was worth it, though, since the general admission tickets sold out in three minutes online.

This will be my second time seeing them in Memorial. The first time was amazing and I can't see this one being any different.

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Chris Monaghan said...

That local celebrity thing is pretty baller, as are your mansicles for staying out on some curbside all for Benjamin.