Gag Reflex

I meant to post about this a while back, but of course I got behind and forgot about it. Silly school.

Anyway, a girl in my blogging class has started a blog (go figure) where she eats a weird food everyday for a year. The series is fittingly called "Gag Reflex," and it's an awful, awful idea, but entertaining as hell to read about. Head on over to her website, www.notomatoesplease.com to read about the deliciousness that she has been eating, like this delicacy:


I will be heading out to Miami with the marching band tomorrow morning for the UNC vs. Miami football game on Saturday. I probably won't end up posting unless I just get really bored in the hotel room or something, but look forward to some pictures and stories from South Beach when I get back. Go Heels!

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