Hello? Is there anybody out there?

This blog is largely for my own benefit to keep myself writing on a regular basis and rant every now and then, but I'm really curious who actually reads this. I know of two definite people, and if they're the only ones, cool. If not, even better.

So do me quick favor: drop a quick comment and let me know that you're out there. It doesn't have to say anything great, it could just be "hi," or "what up?" or any other combination of letters you would prefer.


Now, to keep from this post being totally useless, check out this new Avett Brothers tune called "Standing With You." Sounds just as great as every other thing they've put out. Except for the people talking over the beginning of the song...man I hate that.

Man I need to see them live.


Chris Monaghan said...

In response to your last comment, all I have to say is that your opinion sucks and I hope you get hit by a speeding tractor trailer.

Rebecca Lawrence said...


Chris Monaghan said...

haha, Becca reads your blog.

Monica said...

Hey :) I read it too!