Kim Kardashian, Soulja Boy, More Making Thousands From Single Tweets :: Culture :: News :: Paste

What’s the old adage? A tweet is worth…ten thousand dollars? The saying holds true if you’re Kim Kardashian, reality-television star and one of a number of celebrities making thousands of dollars to send out product-endorsing tweets.

PRNewser reported last month that Kardashian receives up to $10,000 per tweet about specific products.

In a post from Jan. 12, Kardashian says, “Have u guys ever tried Popchips? They are kind of amazing!” This may or may not be an ad; it’s sometimes difficult to tell.

This blending of tweets and advertisements is no doubt intentional, but this isn’t a good thing to all followers. In an article from The Daily Beast, Expert Labs’ director of public technology Anil Dash said, “There’s a very high risk of antagonizing your followers, and it’s very, very easy to unfollow." Naturally, advertisers pay more for larger followings.

Ad.ly is the company responsible for much of the tweets-as-ads trend. Ad.ly brokers a deal between advertisers and Twitter users with large followings (including Kardashian’s sister Khloe, Lauren Conrad and Dr. Drew), allowing these celebrities to post one profitable tweet per day. This one-a-day limit is an effort to reduce backlash from followers.

Listed second (in number of followers) on Ad.ly’s list of publishers, rapper Soulja Boy’s posts are a bit more transparent when it comes to tweets vs. ads: “Who sippin dat sauce” and “I know all my followers is hittin the club tonight. Where the party at” were posted just days after: “Time Warner Cable subscribers can win a free trip for 2 to the 2010 Sundance Film Festival sponsored http://j.mp/3IfpkL.”

Not only are celebrities cashing in on their Twitter followers, but several fake celeb accounts are listed among Ad.ly’s publishers. Contrary to reports, Stephen Colbert is not cashing in with his tweets. The publisher StephenTColbert is linked to Ad.ly, but is not the comedian’s official Twitter account. StephenAtHome—Colbert’s verified account—is not affiliated with Ad.ly and does not make money from tweeting promotions.

How will this brand of marketing affect Twitter in the future? Hard to say, but it stands to reason that the rapidly-growing, clever company will find ways to profit from it.

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This is just crazy! Who wants to pay me to tweet about products? And I'll make it look legit!! How much do I get for having 200-300 followers? Hit me up Ad.ly.

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Tuesday Guilty Pleasure: "Hoarders"

A&E is my new favorite channel (and one of the three I know by heart here in Charlotte) and shows like "Hoarders" are the reason.

Nothing makes an unorganized, cluttery person like myself feel better about life than watching people who have houses literally overflowing in junk.

So my coffee table is a little messy. This woman hasn't been able to get into her kitchen for the past three years.

So I have a few clothes on the floor of my room. This guy hasn't seen the floor of his house since the last time the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs.

I do feel a little bad about the people that have serious psychological issues related to OCD and hoarding, but at least their getting help. But I have to admit that seeing a guy freak out about throwing away old beer cans is hilarious.

I just don't understand how people can live in some of these houses. They literally don't have room to move, breathe or make a decent meal. Piles of dirty dishes, trash and "collectibles" litter every room. Some people can't even get into their bedrooms anymore.

The show is inspirational, though. Right now I'm washing dishes and folding clothes.


Triangle Music: Conan gives fans "Free Bird" on final 'Tonight Show'

In what was a fantastic and classy ending to his far too brief run on "The Tonight Show," Conan O'Brien threw on a Les Paul and rocked in an all-star jam of "Free Bird." The band included Will Ferrell on lead vocals decked out as a Van Zant brother along with Beck, Ben Harper and Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top). There's also the return of Ferrell's infamous cowbell too. Check out the video below and enjoy. Oh, and watch for Conan's solo towards the end. He's a pretty decent player.

Check out a video of Neil Young's solo performance of "Long May You Run" from the show too by going back a bit in the Hulu video.

We'll be keeping an eye out for Conan's in about 7 months where he'll hopefully keep his love of music alive. Many local favorites made their network television debuts on "Late Night" including Annuals and The Avett Brothers. Long live Coco.

Man, how in the world did I miss this? Fun little performance at the end, but the talk that he does at the beginning of the segment is pretty solid, too.

I don't watch much late night TV (but when I do, I watch Craig Ferguson), but I used to watch Conan on his previous show and he was great. I hope someone picks him up as soon as possible. He's a class act and always has some good music on the show.

Click through the link for the full video.

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i guess i'm floating: [News] Bonnaroo 2010 Lineup Leaked?

It's that time of the year again, when all my Bonnaroo brethren are anxiously awaiting for the official lineup to be announced. The Roo crew usually release the lineup the first week of February, so it's only natural that the rumors and leaky lineups pick up super steam the week or two before the real deal drops. Is the below list completely accurate? I'm not sure. That all depends on how well you trust "hackers", "message board gurus", and the "hip insiders". I can say, from multiple Bonnaroo experiences, it's really rare for a band to be signed up for the festival in back-to-back years.. making this particular lineup somewhat believable.

Jay Z
Neil Young
Dave Matthews Band
Kings of Leon
Stevie Wonder
Arcade Fire
Norah Jones
Massive Attack
String Cheese Incident
Michael Franti and Spearhead
Dead Weather
New Pornographers
Mos Def
The Black Keys
Avett Brothers
Disco Biscuits
Cat Power
Explosions in the Sky
Yonder Mountain String Band
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Ingrid Michaelson
John Frusciante
Dan Deacon
Lord T and Eloise
Ryan Bingham
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Gaslight Anthem
Steve Martin
Mayer Hawthorne
Noah and the Whale

Stevie Wonder! Although I'm still waiting for that mythical Led Zepellin Roo reunion, it's an interesting list that features a little bit of everything and has more of a jam-band feel than the past couple of years. You could color me excited for Jay-Z, Neil Young, Arcade Fire, and Pavement though!

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If this list is anywhere close to accurate, I'm going to have to make a trip to Tennessee. I mean, Stevie Wonder? That's enough for me to want to go and the rest of the lineup is great!

Who's in?

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Fake AP Stylebook Twitter Account Lands Book Deal :: Music :: News :: Paste

Journalists, at the mercy of financial woes and a shifting industry, have had to find ways to cope. Many have turned to Internet humor to help them bear the strain. There are those who’ve become cynical fast (We’re looking at you, Overheard in the Newsroom), but others have created something that appeals to industry outsiders.

Ken Lowery, Mark Hale and their contributors at Twitter account Fake AP Stylebook, have done just that. Their spoofs on the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook, whose grammatical rules journalists have long obeyed, range from scalding cultural commentary to poop jokes. In December, we told you that you should be following the folks at Fake AP Stylebook, and just yesterday afternoon they announced (via tweet, of course) that they’ve been awarded a book deal from Three Rivers Press. The tome is scheduled to hit bookstore shelves in spring of 2011.

Some sample tweets:

“The word ‘diarrhea’ is hard to spell. Try: transporter problems, Jackson Brown, #3, blowing the devil’s trombone.”

“Be sure to get the opinion of failed political candidates on all major legislation. Their opinions still matter for some reason.”

“When writing about the stock market, use words that make it look like you or anyone else knows what you’re talking about.”

“When it is raining put a circumflex above all vowels to prêvênt thêm frôm gêttîng wêt.”

We look forward to flipping through the book full of fake newswriting tips during commercial breaks from CBS’s upcoming family comedy based on Fake AP Stylebook peer Shit My Dad Says."

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This is great! I love @fakeAPstylebook. This might be the next book that ends up on my desk at work...could be extremely useful.

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[Video] SK6ers "Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts"

I'm not sure how in the world I missed this, but thank you Twitter for showing it to me.

This is the latest video from Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers for their song "Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts." It's a great track off their new album, "The Bear," and it was featured on this week's Music Tuesday on YouTube.

The video shows exactly why I love seeing this band live: they like to have fun.

Gotta give props to the UMass marching band for the awesome choreography, too. And the way they run to that last set and spell out "SK6ers" is pretty sweet. Yeah, I'm a marching band nerd.


ACC Now - Five wishes for ACC football in 2010 | newsobserver.com blogs

The 2009 football season couldn't end soon enough for the ACC.

Just when it appeared the ACC was making a move toward respectability, Clemson, Georgia Tech and Florida State lost to their in-state, SEC rivals on Nov. 28, the final weekend of the regular season.

The ACC championship game (Clemson vs. Georgia Tech) drew about one-fourth the viewership of the Big 12 championship (Texas vs. Nebraska) that was televised in the same time slot.

Four of the seven ACC teams that reached bowl games lost, including Georgia Tech against Iowa State in the Orange Bowl. And just four ACC teams - No. 10 Virginia Tech, No. 13 Georgia Tech, No. 19 Miami and No. 24 Clemson - finished the season in The Associated Press' top 25.

The Sagarin computer ratings have the ACC as the fourth best conference, behind the SEC, Big East and Pac-10 but ahead of the Big 12 and Big Ten. But it hurt the ACC to have the regional rival from the SEC win the BCS for the fourth straight year while the ACC barely had a team in the top 10.

Here are five things to wish for if you want the ACC to improve its lot in 2010:

1. Hokie high. Virginia Tech is geared up for a possible run at the top five in the preseason rankings.

The Hokies return Tyrod Taylor, an athletic quarterback who's improved as a passer. They have a fantastic stable of running backs with Darren Evans returning from a knee injury and Ryan Williams coming back after an outstanding redshirt freshman season.

Although Virginia Tech loses some defenders, including Cody Grimm and early NFL draft entry Jason Worilds, the Hokies always are good on defense and special teams. The returning players on offense should give the Hokies a shot at a BCS championship game appearance that the ACC desperately needs to gain credibility.

2. Georgia Tech gets defensive. After two years, it's clear that Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson has built an offense that can be devastating except in bowl games and other times when opponents have more than a week to prepare for it.

But despite having some excellent athletes such as Morgan Burnett and Derrick Morgan, the Georgia Tech defense struggled this season. Johnson and defensive coordinator Dave Wommack have parted ways, so the Yellow Jackets need a big-time hire here.

If Johnson makes a good hire and the defense improves, Georgia Tech has a chance to be considered an elite team.

3. Russell returns. N.C. State quarterback Russell Wilson made first-team All-ACC as a redshirt freshman in 2008 and led the ACC in touchdown passes in 2009, but there's a chance his days in school are numbered.

Wilson, who also plays baseball for the Wolfpack, will be eligible for the major league draft this summer. It would seem based on Wilson's poor numbers as a hitter (.236 in 2009) that he won't attract much interest - or a big signing bonus - from baseball executives.

But there's a school of thought that says if Wilson ever played baseball full time, he'd have a better shot at becoming an accomplished hitter.

Although N.C. State has another capable young quarterback in Mike Glennon, the Wolfpack needs Wilson back. And so does the ACC.

4. FSU rises. It's impossible to predict what effect Bobby Bowden's forced retirement will have at Florida State.

It seemed apparent that the Seminoles had plenty of speed on defense in 2009 but were playing a high-pressure scheme under now-retired Mickey Andrews that left them vulnerable to big plays by opponents.

If Fisher can get the defense turned around, Florida State has enough talented skill players on offense to be the Atlantic Division favorite. And the ACC dearly needs Florida State to become relevant again.

5. UNC QB shines. With Marvin Austin, Deunta Williams and Bruce Carter all returning for their senior year, North Carolina's defense will be dominant again.

But the ACC needs the Tar Heels to make a big statement in the season opener against LSU and make the transition from an eight-win team to a 10-win team. That won't happen unless North Carolina gets improved play at quarterback.

Whether it's senior three-year starter T.J. Yates or highly regarded freshman Bryn Renner, somebody needs to give the Tar Heels a serviceable passing attack that won't waste the contributions of the team's dynamic defense.  

I wrote a much longer post about this post earlier, but my internet decided to die and I lost it, so I'm not going to rewrite it.

Let me just say that I totally agree with what Tysiac says here and I think the teams that we added to beef up the ACC's football pedigree (Virginia Tech, Miami and Boston College) have underachieved.

VTech has been the best by far, but Miami lost it's swagger and hasn't been "The U" in a while and Boston College was a non-factor this year. (By the way, UNC beat all three of those teams this year.)

Also, I completely agree with No. 5. UNC will have one of the best defenses in the country next year, along with a talented receiving core that will have a year under their belts and three talented running backs. If poor quarterback play screws that up, we will be wasting a lot of talent.

This should be a 10-win team and could bring UNC back to the prominence it had in the '90s.

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Thankful for southern hospitality | CLT Blog

I surprised my son for Christmas and scored 2 tickets on eBay to the Carolina Panthers-New York Giants game over the holidays.  It would be his first trip to a visiting team’s venue.  What a better place for his first visit than the confines of the Meadowlands, for the last game at Giants stadium, complete with New York fanfare.

Dec 27th Panthers vs. Giants (photo courtesy of hearldonline.com)

Dec 27th Panthers vs. Giants (photo courtesy of hearldonline.com)

The morning of the game we met two Panthers fans at the hotel clad in full Carolina blue and black.  Little did we know that those would be the last Panthers fans we would see until the end of the game 7 hours later!  We are used to Bank of America stadium where thousands of visiting fans fill seats throughout our stadium.  But not in New York, not when “Big Blue” is playing.  Maybe we were just two of the very few that had the nerve to venture into a Giants game without sporting Manning, Boss, or Umenyiora jerseys.

Opening Day at Gaints stadium in 1976

Opening Day at Giants Stadium circa 1976 (photo courtesy of Giants.com)

My son’s curiosity peaked throughout our NJ Transit train ride to the stadium.  Why did the Giants play in New Jersey?  Why is it so dirty outside?  Why did the guy in the Secaucus connection tell me I was “crazy”?  Why did the Giants and Jets share a stadium but it is called Giants Stadium?  Why are they building a new stadium next door instead of in the city?  Why does everybody curse a lot?  Why did we have to buy a program instead of getting one at the gate?  And why did he, an 8-year old kid, get patted down for a weapon at the entrance.  Welcome to New York son!

The game was great.  The Panthers had the game well in hand by the middle of the first quarter and eventually crushed the Giants.  The fans booed their team after each possession, Eli Manning was told, “your not your brother” multiple times by fans in our section, another group of fans chanted “lets go Yankees”, and 80% of the stadium cleared out by the middle of the third quarter.  My son and I maintained a low profile with simple high fives after each touchdown.  Nobody acknowledged or spoke to us.  But we didn’t get a beer thrown on us either, as many of our Panthers friends suggested would happen.

We stayed until the clock hit 0:0 and reveled in the shellacking we applied for the closing on the Giants 33-year old home.  As the last few die-hard fans trickled out, we noticed a guy carrying a small box down to the field.  I couldn’t help but think he was taking ashes down to the turf to be buried in the swamps of the Meadowlands with the other famous NY/NJ icons.  But I kept that thought to myself….my 8-year old didn’t need to hear my Jimmy Hoffa theory.

After we got back to Charlotte, I asked my son the three things he remembered the most about our visit to Giants Stadium.  His response was, 1) the scary bathrooms (small, “no flushers”, and surly fans), 2) the bad language (he heard more F-bombs in the first quarter alone than he has ever heard in his life, and 3) the decorated history of the stadium (several vignettes of memorable plays and players were shown in a Giants Stadium tribute at halftime.

Fast forward to this past Sunday for the Panthers-Saints game in Charlotte.  Plenty of New Orleans fans filled our stadium.  A group of Saints fans were walking out at the end of the game and I said, “Good luck in the playoffs.”  A lady in the group stopped and thanked me, mentioned the wonderful hospitality Panthers fans had shown to her group, and what a beautiful city and stadium we had.  My son looked at me and said, “That wouldn’t have happened in New York.”  I responded, “Welcome back to Charlotte son.”

Great post (except for the possible mix up of "peaked" and "piqued"). I take Southern hospitality for granted so often until I go up north for some random reason.

It's nice to hold doors for people, greet people walking down the street or simply acknowledge another person's presence when they are around you.

I was honestly surprised the first time I was in New York and this didn't happen. Call us what you like, but Southerners know how to treat guests. And that's what I love about us.

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"Pursuit of Happiness" : Kid Cudi feat. MGMT and Ratatat

Pursuit Of Happiness (Feat. Mgmt & Ratatat) by Kid Cudi  
Download now or listen on posterous
13 Pursuit Of Happiness (feat. MGMT & Ratatat).mp3 (9209 KB)

This is a great track that I stumbled on thanks to the great music blog i guess i'm floating. 

I love all three of these artists and they definitely need to collaborate more. 

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ACC Now - UNC fans can re-live last night's "classic" | newsobserver.com blogs

In case you missed it, or if you just wanted to relive the agony (or joy, Duke and N.C. State fans) of UNC's overtime loss to College of Charleston last night, there will be an encore broadcast of the game tonight.

The College of Charleston's sports information office sent out a news release today announcing that the upset win has been dubbed an 'Instant Classic' by ESPN, which will broadcast the game again at 8 p.m. tonight on ESPN Classic.

Spoiler alert: in this re-run, the Cougars still go on a 12-1 run in the final 3:51 of regulation, capped by a three-pointer by junior Andrew Goudelock, to erase UNC's 11-point lead and send the game into overtime.

Thanks, ESPN, for rubbing it in our faces.

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Triangle Music: Hopscotch Festival to host 120 bands in Raleigh

There have bit bits and pieces about a new ambitious music festival in Raleigh floating around for a little while now and it's definitely seems to be happening (the permits have even been filed). It's been dubbed the Hopscotch Festival and is being organized by The Independent Weekly. The festival is set to span 10 venues in downtown Raleigh and host a whopping 120 bands from September 9-11. The venues will include Tir Na Nog, The Pour House, Slim's and even City Plaza on on Fayetteville Street. Artists will include a mix of local and national acts.

Pretty pumped that Raleigh is finally getting a music festival. It deserves one with all the good local talent in the area. And now I won't have to go to Austin to see multi-day events full of music!!

Now if they would integrate technology and social media conferences and demos into it (like SXSW) it could be even cooler.

Great concept and expect me to be there in September.

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Tuesday Guilty Pleasure: "TiK ToK"

Happy New Year! My resolution? Blog more.

Speaking of which, here is the first Tuesday Guilty Pleasure of 2010 (pronounced "twenty-ten" according to the Associated Press).

This one is pretty embarrassing, I'm not going to lie.

The first time I heard "TiK ToK" by Ke$ha (yes, with a dollar sign) I thought it was a joke. The second time it got stuck in my head. The third I was dancing.

There's really nothing redeeming about this song other than that it has a fun beat and the girl's voice is pretty goofy.

The lyrics are stupid, it's over-produced, the video is dumb and she sounds like any drunk white girl trying to rap at a college party.

It just goes to show you how little talent that it takes to make it in the music business nowadays.

Either way, every time it comes on the radio I get a little excited inside.

I wonder what brushing my teeth with a bottle of Jack would be like....