Brad Paisley and Guitar Hero

I'm usually not much of a country fan, but, as mentioned before, I'm a certified band geek. That's the only reason I can sit through this Brad Paisley video for his new song "Online." I'm also a tuba player, which makes the video even better for me. It's a cute little video, but not my favorite song in the world. Plus, it's got a William Shatner cameo. You just can't go wrong with that.

The record company is being kind of a bitch, so they won't let me embed the YouTube player, but you can watch the whole video here.

On a side note, the reason I haven't posted much in the last two days is that I picked up the most addicting game ever created. I think I can safely give that moniker to Guitar Hero II without much argument. I finally bought it (after months of thinking about it) and have been playing it almost nonstop since. Once you get the hang of it and get a few songs in, there's no stopping you. I'll have to go buy the original Guitar Hero game and also pick up the 80s edition before too long so I don't run out of songs. If you love music or guitar or just video games in general, GH II is definitely worth the investment.


I'm a Band Geek

I was switching all my music to my new, handy-dandy external hard drive last night and came across a great mp3 that I forgot I had. Let me preface this with the fact that I was a hardcore competitive marching band geek for 4 years in high school, and still play in the UNC Marching Tar Heels. I've never seen a Drum Corps show in person, but I love watching the videos when I can. They're basically professional marching band, and they're amazing.

Anyway, the mp3 I found was of Santa Clara Vanguard's 1989 show, "Phantom of the Opera." It is unbelievably good, and my favorite show, just ahead of the Cadets 2000 show.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are the Santa Clara Vanguard!!

And here's that Cadets show I was talking about...wait for the drum break and the trumpet solo...It's pretty much the corps showing off.

Yes...I'm a band nerd.



Doug Music Day?

My generation (i.e. everyone growing up in the nineties) should be dubbed the "Nicktoons Generation." Anyone who had a TV and cable growing up at that time can name all the Rugrats, can remember what Rocko was from Rocko's Modern Life and recite the Doug theme by heart, which brings me to the point of this post:

On this special day, the wonderful people at CollegeHumor graced us with not one, but TWO Doug related videos. This should be a national holiday. If nothing else, it's a great early birthday present for me!!

Any Doug enthusiast should remember all the words to this classic Beets hit:

Not the best recording, but amazing nonetheless.


p.s. oh, and I must find this girl...

Third of Never (and Super Amanda)

What says "rock and roll" better than half naked women dancing?

In my opinion, nothing, and I think that North Carolina native retro-rockers Third of Never have the same idea. I like what I've heard from the band's recently released debut, Moodring, that has heavy, guitar-driven lines and that retro, 70s rock feel that just can't be beat. It's like happy rock 'n' roll, and that's the best kind. It doesn't hurt that they've got YouTube's Super Amanda on their side.

This curvaceous San Franciscan (?) Pilates instructor has no qualms about showing some skin and seems to have taken a liking to Third of Never. She's posted multiple videos of herself dancing and working out to the band, as well as being the central figure of the band's video for "Everyday is a Lonely Night."

Via On The Beat: Drawn together by their mutual love of The Who ("Moodring" includes an aces cover of "Let My Love Open the Door"), [Amanda] Casabianca and [Third of Never's Jon] Dawson met at a Third of Never show in New Jersey.

"We met and exchanged blog addresses, and struck up a friendship from there," says Dawson. "She's really smart and funny, with a lot going on. But she knows how to get noticed. If she was on there reading Nietzsche, nobody would care."

I'd be tempted to agree with Dawson on that one. And now, for the videos.

For the rest, click here.



SK6ers: Glassjaw Boxer

If you know anything about me you know that I'm obsessed with the Massachusetts acoustic-pop-rock phenomenon that is Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. For two years since I discovered them at an otherwise boring Carbon Leaf show, I've had to listen to the same album over and over again, waiting for new and fresh material. Then they released an EP/DVD set last Spring, but that still wasn't enough.

Finally, the drought is over.

Glassjaw Boxer is by far the most complete, tight and cohesive release from Kellogg and the boys, and a step in the right direction from their spectacular self-titled sophomore album. They keep their signature country-rock flavor that I've grown to love but take a step forward with edgier and emotional vocals. The album tells the (autobiographical?) story of a small-town band struggling to make it big in a corrupt business.

The quartet has finally hit their stride and hopefully will gain the recognition they deserve with this solid third album. If you haven't heard of these guys before, this is definitely a good album to start with, but be sure to pick up Bulletproof Heart and their self-titled second release.



O.A.R. played at Walnut Creek tonight, but because of bad planning and the red hell that I had to work in tonight, the closest I came to the show was listening to three minutes of "Crazy Game of Poker" via my friend's cell phone.

Not quite the same experience as a live show.

Since I couldn't get to the concert I did the next best thing: watched live videos of them on YouTube. Here's my favorite.

In other "me" news, I just finished watching my latest Netflix arrival, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I have to say that I'm a Robert Downey Jr. fan. Who knew that a skittish, mumbling and nervous looking guy would make such a good actor? It almost makes me want to fly out to L.A. and see what happens.

Enjoy the solid O.A.R. video and don't miss out on them when they come around like I did.



Read a Book!

In commemoration of the release of the new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Somethingorothers, I'm going to post this soon-to-be-classic instructional rap video that I found on College Humor. Enjoy.


The Old Noise Bazaar

In order to make this blog under my own Google account, I was forced to change the existing Noise Bazaar URL to use that URL for the new Noise Bazaar. I know that sounds confusing, but trust me. This is where I'll be posting all of my new blog entries and music info. If you want to look back at the old blog, it's still up at http://thenoisebazaar.blogspot.com. I'll keep that link up on the site at all times so it's always there to look back at.

Otherwise all new info and stuff will be posted here for viewing, listening and reading pleasure.