New Ben Folds!

A little over a week before his landmark reunion concert, Mr. Folds has released a video for "You Don't Know Me," a song off his upcoming album Way To Normal. Songstress Regina Spektor helps out on the vocals of this song, but she doesn't make an appearance in the video. But check out who does at the end. I wouldn't have expected that one.

You Dont Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor)

In other Ben Folds news, apparently they will be checking UNC One Cards for student tickets at the door on Thursday. Sucks for the people who bought way overpriced student tickets off Cragslist...

Final note, I got to see Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers for the first time in a while at the Cradle the other day and they were amazing as always. And there was a decent crowd there, a lot more than there were the first time I saw them three years ago. The Gabe Dixon Band opened for them and weren't to bad either. Full post about the show to come...

Happy Friday.

P.S. How about them Heels??

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