We made it!!

...two days ago. I apologize for the lack of an update, but the scarcity of free internet along with hectic schedules and running around has kept me from spending a lot of quality time on the blog. I'll do my best to do a full update (complete with pictures and videos) when I get a chance. 

We did make it and are sitting in Frankfurt right now eating some free breakfast. Gotta love that. The plane ride was pretty sweet, but we didn't get any sleep because all the movies were free. I ended up watching "Revolutionary Road" and "Slumdog Millionaire," both of which are amazing movies. But that meant we were also jet lagged as crap when we got here. I couldn't believe the first thing I saw in the airport...a Burger King! Are you kidding me? Then in the train station we saw a KFC. There's just something wrong with that! 

Frankfurt is a nice little town with tons of parks right along the river. It's great to walk around (our legs are killing us) and just see the city. We found a beautiful cathedral on the first day (the Dom). Our first hostel was nice, but a little weird because most of the people were German and the not-free internet terminals were terrible. But we did meet Tony, the self-described hedonist from Australia. (If you don't know what that means, look it up...and all its connotations.) Luckily, they were out of rooms for the next night, so we had to move to the Frankfurt Hostel, which is right by the train station. 

This is more what I was expecting. A lot more Americans and international travelers. We ended up meeting some cool kids from the University of Florida, Texas, Jersey and Canada (via Eastern Europe). We had a great time hanging out and watching the UEFA final with them, which Barcelona won (the Canadian is heading there today). We also sang karaoke, which was great. We walk in and the first two songs  we heard were "Ring of Fire" and "Sweet Home Alabama." Not kidding. So Thomas and I knocked them out with a little "My Girl" and the whole group belted out "Don't Stop Believing." It was all in all a good first night on the town. We just can't be doing that every night. We won't make it. 

Our train leaves here in about an hour to go to Berlin where we are staying at least two nights (because that's all we could book in advance) but maybe more. We'll see where it takes us. If I have internet there I'll upload some videos and pictures for your viewing pleasure. Until then, Cheers!

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Salvation Holdout said...

It's great to hear that you guys are over there and having great times. Don't get too used to free internet =P

Last night at a famous bar in New Orleans they played Sweet Caroline. Rock on.

Make sure to see the concentration camp in north of Berlin. Take the S1 all the way to Orienienburg (not to be confused with Orianienstrasse). Oranienburg is the last stop on the line, and then you jump on a short bus (or you can feasibly walk). It was the brain for all the rest of the concentration camps, and pretty surreal walking around.

You guys make me happy =)