A/V for the soul

I found some musical gems today over at one of my favorite music blogs, You Ain't No Picasso, that I wanted to share with you guys. I don't want to act like I'm stealing his content, but instead am encouraging you to follow his site. It's like free advertising. 
First up is this new music video from Grizzly Bear for the song "Two Weeks." 

Grizzly Bear is one of those bands that I've never really gotten into but I like their music when I hear it. After listening to this song, I might have to give the band another chance. This video is crazy as hell, but I really like it. It always amazes me what people can do with digital video technology.

Second, here is a clip of Green Day on the Colbert Report last night. 

I definitely went through my Green Day phase when I was younger and though I may not be a huge fan anymore, I can still appreciate their music and their typical punk political tendencies. This interview is great in its awkwardness, especially when Tre Cool goes storming off after a clip of one of Steven Colbert's songs. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, at least. 

Happy Friday!

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