Tuesday Guilty Pleasure

Good morning, readers!! You all are looking especially lovely this beautiful spring Tuesday morning! Wait, did I say Tuesday? That means it's time for me to spill my guts on something that I love that I really, really shouldn't.
This week we're going the movie route. I think that everyone has their comfort movie. It may change over the years, but there's always that one movie you can watch and it just makes you feel better. It could be funny, sad, romantic, action-packed, whatever floats your boat. Well I definitely have my comfort movie and I've grown hesitant to tell people how I really feel about it. When I first saw it, it was one of my favorite movies out there, but after more views I've realized that there are a lot of things to be desired of it. But despite this, it's still the movie that I can watch to make me feel better and it even gets me choked up at the end. 
Here is a clip:

Despite all its cheesiness, "Garden State" has some really funny moments and is a solid story overall. This quarry scene is one of my favorites, with the shot flying back when they scream and Simon and Garfunkel's "The Only Living Boy in New York" perfectly fitting the mood of the moment. 
I always loved Zach Braff in "Scrubs," even if he does have a flair for the dramatic. I'm going to miss him on that show. Maybe that means he'll start putting out some more solid movies.


Salvation Holdout said...

Braff is supposed to be a major asshole.

I once liked Garden State, but the more I watched it the more I felt cheated. Eventually, the whole thing felt like a bunch of gimmicky crap strung together in some poor attempt at artistry. You can just see Braff eating lunch somewhere, coming up with some "stellar" idea, pulling out his notebook entitled "Movie scenes", scribbling down something, and then saying aloud "Man, that was so fucking nuanced. I need a cigarette."

Corey said...

whoa killer. I never said it was a great movie. that's why it counts as a guilty pleasure. i wouldn't be surprised if he's an asshole: a lot of people in his position are. but that doesn't change the fact that I enjoy his work.

Salvation Holdout said...

Don't overuse whoa killer. That was not a whoa killer moment +_+