Tuesday Guilty Pleasure

Good morning! Well, technically it's morning. I just woke up. And you know what I wanted to do as soon as I rolled out of my comfy bed? Tell you about something I love that I don't really like to admit. This week we're going with music again, but it's not so much the song as the performers that make it my guilty pleasure.

I do love a cappella, but I've never really been a big fan of UNC's Clef Hangers, one of the all male groups. Sure, they're pretty good, but they're also really cocky and extremely preppy. And I've just never been a big fan of groups that are followed around by gaggles of screaming girls and, trust me, these guys are. But they do perform one song that melts my heart and it's especially fitting this week. They performed it on Sunday at commencement (more to come about that in a later post) and it was just as beautiful as the first time I heard it. I consider this UNC's second alma mater. Now, excuse me, because I'm going to Carolina in my mind....

(p.s., watch until the end and you might see someone you recognize...that is if you watch TV at all.)

Yep, that was American Idol finalist Anoop Desai closing out the tune, back when he was just another little Tar Heel. They just grow up so fast!!!

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