Lafcadio and other stuff journalists like

Vinyl Records folk babies Lafcadio are starting to make some real beautiful noise around the Triangle. In addition to playing quite a few shows in the Chapel Hill area, they rocked out at the Shakori Hills Festival, a grassroots and folk music festival just a few minutes outside of Chapel Hill. The group also recently performed a segment for Sessions At Studio B at music.myNC.com. In addition to their signature jammin' alt-country songs, the 30-minute clip features an interview with the band. Check it out!

I also recently stumbled across a great Web site, which is the reason for the title of this blog post. Stuff Journalists Like is a great blog based on the template that made Stuff White People Like so popular. Their most recent post is, fittingly, pandemics. The other entries are equally hilarious. 

Now, I wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo! I hear a margarita somewhere calling my name....

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