Tuesday Guilty Pleasure

And we're back again for another exciting installment of "Tuesday Guilty Pleasure," where I bear my soul and risk ridicule to tell you something that I love even though I really, really shouldn't.

Unfortunately, this weeks selection was inspired by the not-so-stunning dook basketball band this Saturday. They played butchered this song (all I could really hear was the drum beat) during their game against the University of Texas and all the dookies hopped around mindlessly, as they do so well.

Anyway, enough dook bashing (is there ever really enough?) and onto the music. This week's song comes from Cascada. Don't know who that is? Oh yeah you do. Good luck keeping yourself from jumping around and throwing your hands up in the air when the chorus hits.

You may now cease the fist pump and sit back down. Man, that felt good.

1 comment:

Mel said...

I knew what you meant as soon as you said dook band... and I wanted to puke. WHY COREY, WHY?!?!?!!?

I hate them so much :(