Dancing in Memphis

Graceland, blues, ribs and Mark Cohn. Welcome to Memphis!

After a nice drubbing of Radford University and sneaking past the pesky LSU Tigers, the UNC Tar Heels have made it to the Sweet 16. And I'm right along here with them.

We are in a ridiculously nice hotel, the Peabody, that has a unnecessarily large TV for such a small room. But the best part is the fountain. And the ducks. If you don't know anything about it, the Peabody is famous for the duck march, where the Peabody ducks march into the fountain in the middle of the lobby and hang out for the day. Then at the end they march back out. I can't wait to see it. Oh, and be sure pictures will go up.

But first on the to-do list is to enjoy what some call the best ribs in the country at Rendezvous Ribs, which is apparently right across the street from here. Then onto the blues clubs on Beale Street. And maybe a little trip to Graceland. I'm in Memphis, I figure I'll make the most of it.

Our first game is Friday night, so until then I'm a free man in the heart of Memphis. Go Heels!

Side note, this is one of my favorite photos from last weekend. Dook played Texas right after our game and the Texas cheerleaders took advantage of our "friendly" rivalry by involving us in the cheers. I'm also pretty sure that AJ stole this sign from the cheerleaders. Oh well.


Some other fun information:

Here's a great article on the newspaper industry. Some government officials are thinking about making newspapers nonprofits to save them some money. But that would mean that they can't be involved in political issues, like endorsing a candidate.

I also decided to set up some YouTube playlists so you can check out all the videos that I post on the site. I have a general one and one specially made for the Tuesday Guilty Pleasure series.

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Salvation Holdout said...

Best rib place in the country is French? What did they name it in 2003?