March Madness!!!

March is my favorite time of year. Spring is coming, school is wrapping up, baseball has started and, most importantly, it's tournament time.

The brackets are official, now it's time for the fun part. I've already filled out three different brackets with random -- and often unexpected -- upsets all over the place. But, of course, the big winner is always the same: UNC all the way. And I'm not alone. Four out of the five talking heads on ESPN picked Carolina to win it all. I hope it doesn't jinx us.

Over the next three weeks Carolina will fight for their sixth national championship and guess what? Your faithful blogger will be there every step of the way. That's right, I'll be traveling with the band as far as the team goes. So don't be surprised when this blog becomes a sports blog.

I'll be sure to take my camera and document everything that I can. First game is on Thursday against Radford. Unfortunately it's only in Greensboro, so no exciting traveling. But if we get to the Sweet Sixteen we'll be in Memphis, Tenn.

I'm so excited I have chills. Go Tar Heels!

In other news, the "About Us" page of the Carrboro Commons has been updated with the new staff members. Check out my picture and the corny bio that I wrote myself.


Mel said...

Corey, can you document for me too? My camera died and I haven't gotten a new one yet :(

Mel said...

Also can you be a creepy stalker for me and ask Allison where in Alpharetta she grew up? That's my town, home slice!

Salvation Holdout said...

Wow, that must be the sweetness. On the flipside, if I were in Chapel Hill I'd be lamenting that I never see you...more never than normal =)

Enjoy it man. See you in two months.

Mel said...

Another also - your picture is nice and your bio is cute.

Your faculty adviser's bio makes no sense, though. "Jock Lauterer grew up in Chapel Hill and then he moved to North Carolina." Unless it's on purpose. :/