Ryan Adams is following me

This story is a little dated, but I think it's important that you know about my situation should anything happen to me.

It all started a couple of weeks ago with a conversation in my blogging class. Professor Jones was talking about how singer/songwriter Ryan Adams started "stalking" him after he wrote something negative about the former Raleigh-ite. Another kid in the class mentioned that Adams had called a writer drunk in the middle of the night and cussed him out. Now I can't vouch for the truth of these stories, but I've heard similar ones before.

The next day I was sitting at work looking for something interesting to listen to while I was editing and found this, a recording of Adams at KCRW. The music is great, no doubt.

Now for the fun part.

While listening to his performance, I sent out this message on Twitter: "i wish ryan adams wasn't a big bag of crazy because his music is so good..."

Not 10 minutes later, I get an e-mail telling me that @cardinology, aka Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, is following me.

Is he really stalking me? Or does he just follow anyone that mentions him? I guess only time will tell.... Maybe he'll respond to this.


Chris Monaghan said...

Heaping spoonful of crazy

Chris Monaghan said...

Yeah, it is pretty wild. Like I said in the post, I've gotten to spend some good time with Eve lately. But the end of UNC is particularly rough since I really haven't been able to see you too much this break.

But this is a cool new culture we live in, and both you and I seem to be plugged into the mainframe during most of our waking hours. I'll do a strip tease via webcam if you do.

Chris Monaghan said...

break = semester

Benji said...

Holy shit! This motherfucker really has something to prove.