Georgia On My Mind

So this weekend I will be missing the first Carolina basketball game and the extremely important football game against Maryland so that I can go down to Georgia.

"Why would you -- being such a huge sports fan -- miss all those games just to go to Georgia?" you might be asking.

Well, I promise I have a legitimate excuse, but I won't tell you what it is because I don't want to seem cocky. Actually, that's a lie, I'm damn proud of myself for getting this so I'm going to brag. Modesty be damned!
Congratulations We are happy to confirm your appointment to participate in the full audition for the Jeopardy! College Championship. It will consist of playing a “mock version” of Jeopardy! to assess your game-playing skills, a short personality interview, and being re-tested with a new 50-question test.

If you pass all the requirements, you will be put in our files to be considered for Jeopardy!’s Season 25, College Championship. However even though you pass the test, we cannot guarantee that you will be invited to do the show. In fact, even though you are invited to the studio, there is no guarantee that you will appear on the show. There is no charge for taking the test, but you will be responsible for all expenses such as parking and travel to and from the testing center. If you are invited to participate in our College Championship we will pay your airfare and hotel, room and tax only (College student only).
That's right, your lowly college student/blogger apparently knows enough random crap that he qualified for the second round of the College Jeopardy auditions. It must have been all those ours spent in random bars around the country playing Buzztime trivia. Thanks, Mom and Tony!

I don't really expect to go any further (I thought I bombed the first test), but I figure I should take a shot at it and if nothing else I will have a nice weekend in Atlanta, a city I haven't been to since I saw the Atlanta Braves play when I was in sixth grade.

I got a nicer hand-me-down camera from Jeremy and I hope to break it in some this weekend and get some pictures up on this site.

Until then, wish me luck!


Chris Monaghan said...

I still can't believe you're running against courtney AND beat the mental giant in the jeopardy contest. I think she's eying you up like John Bobbit right now.

Anna said...


You're the man. I know you've already gone through it, and I hope you did well. You have every right to brag. : ]