"It's A New Day"

Will.i.am -- the real person, not CNN hologram -- put out a new song and video this week celebrating Barack Obama's victory. The song is called "It's a New Day" and mixes clips of the singer with shots of Grant Park in Chicago during the acceptance speech, and what I assume are user submitted videos of people singing the song.

I have never been the biggest fan of will.i.am, but this song and it's predecessor, "Yes We Can," are great tributes to a powerful campaign and a landmark election. Maybe he should stick to writing uplifting political songs.

"Stop and cherish this moment. Stop and cherish this time."

For the record, this isn't a political post, because that would mean that I went back on my word. It's totally a music post....


evelyn said...

lies. it is a political post. =D

bananahammocks said...

Nobody's fooled, Corey. But it's okay, because at least you admitted that will.i.am isn't the greatest outside of his political promotions. : ]