Corey Went Down to Georgia

...and he was looking for a soul to steal. OK, maybe not, but that Charlie Daniels song has been stuck in my head since I crossed the state line. My wonderful girlfriend and I just got back from our weekend trip to Atlanta, and I will now give you a synopsis using pictures.

Georgia might put a peach on its license plate and call it's girls "Georgia peaches," but who has the balls to paint a water tower like a peach with the crack and nub facing the road?? That would be Gaffney, S.C. Take that, Georgia. I also love the well-placed "Fatz Grill" sign. Classy.

If you didn't believe that I was actually going to Atlanta for the Jeopardy! audition (and I wouldn't have believed me either, so don't worry) here's the proof!! Now that I say that, I realize that I could have totally just taken that picture without auditioning. But I got a pen! So there....

This is the ridiculous Westin Hotel in downtown Atlanta where the Jeopardy Audition was held. It is massive and circular. I just found out (after I left, of course) that there is a revolving restaurant at the top. That would have been awesome.

This is the gate statue (or something like that) from France in celebration of the 1996 Olympic Games that were held in Atlanta. And that's me being dwarfed by that guy, but still trying to look regal. I'm pretty sure I fail.

As a journalism geek, I had to get pictures of the CNN Studio in Atlanta and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution building. The latter was rather empty....

And now for the fun part of the trip: The World of Coca-Cola!!! If you didn't know, Coke was invented in Atlanta and they have a little museum/attraction all about how it was made right by Centennial Olympic Park downtown. Fifteen bucks may seem like a lot to walk around a Coke museum, but just look at all that it had:

You could take pictures with the Coca-Cola polar bear (this thing was awesome).

Go to a "4-D" movie.

And, finally, go to the tasting room and sample over 60 different types of Coke products from around the world. My advice to you: stay away from the Latin America ones.

It was a great weekend and I definitely would like to go back and see what else it has to offer (UNC in the Peach Bowl, maybe?). Oh, and the Jeopardy! thing?? It went well. It was a fun interview and mock game. There was a UNC student and a dookie there. But I'm really not keeping my hopes up: they only take 15 out of 600 people that make the second round. I'll know by March, though.

I took all these pictures, so I'm not stealing from anyone for once. So glad to have a decent camera that doesn't destroy batteries.


Chris Monaghan said...

Seems like a solid time.

Yeah I was up until 7 this morning. I'm not quite sure why.

Kevin said...

Looks like a great trip, Corey! Yeah, I've been in the spinning restaurant before - it's very nice! I had 'shrimp-in-a-bucket' while wearing a penguin suit! (Sounds like some stupid SNL skit!) Not only does it spin, but it has plaques to show you what each of the buildings are.

Anna said...

That restaurant is really cool...and Asian cokes are totally the worst. Congrats on an awesome time...hope you made it!

Mel said...

Except you forgot to mention why all the windows are blown out :(

Glad you had fun!

Mel said...

Oh and, the peach is totally one of my markers about how close I am to home.... so is the big Jesus cross, for that matter.

When we were little (we made a lot of road trips to NC because all my family lives here), we called it "the butt."

Mel said...

Thanks Corey! I am really proud of my new header :D and I think Steve's expression is hilarious