"You Can Vote However you Like"

The awesome students at Ron Clark Academy, a middle school in Atlanta for low-income students that is run by Ron Clark, laid out the choices in the upcoming election in a slightly different way: by changing the words to T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" to create "You Can Vote However You Like."

Maybe the candidates should start having rap battles like this instead of debates. It would at least be more interesting.

Not only is this song amazing, but these kids are really intelligent and know what is going on in this election. I'm willing to be that they're more aware of the issues than a large part of the voting population. This school, those teachers and those parents are definitely doing something right down in Atlanta.

Here is an interview from CNN with some of the kids, and you can see just what I mean.

In totally unrelated news, the Athens Drive High School womens golf team, coached by my step-dad, Tony Alcon, won the North Carolina 4-A Championship yesterday!! Congrats to him! I am kind of scared to see him without a beard and mustache though...


Chris Monaghan said...

Go Go Gadget Georgia

evelyn said...

that video is amazing. those kids are ridiculous. my two favorite things: 1) the chubby white kid on the right during the outside performance-LOVE him boy cant dance at all 2) "willie" the one who is for mccain way to be your own man--what i love is that they arnt just picking obama or mccain because their parents or teachers tell them to, they have reasons and information to back up their reasons----makes me a little less uneasy about the future of this country---and i want my kids to go to that school