MTV Music: No Way?!?

As anyone who grew up in the '90s can tell you, the "music" part of MTV has become more of a joke than reality. With the recent news of the canceling of Total Request Live (which was a joke of a music video countdown anyway), the only time that MTV can seem to squeeze in music videos is for a few hours after midnight. They wouldn't dare thinking of wasting time on music during the day when they could be showing re-runs of "Next," "The X-Effect" and the "Real World/Road Rules Challenge."

Well it seems like MTV has had a change of heart, slightly. The new MTV Music allows users to search for any music video that MTV has ever shown, from ABBA to ZZ Top. It's not quite the same as actually showing music videos on TV, but at least their recognizing their original mission. Either that or they got tired of people just putting the videos up on YouTube and decided to take some control of it. Either way, I'm just glad to see that MTV has finally done something right...there must still be some brains in that operation somewhere.

I will now leave you with one of my favorite music videos ever, starring none other than Christopher Walken.

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