This is why he has to win

Because any person who gets support from people that hateful and ignorant should be nowhere near Washington.


William said...

Well, technically Obama gets support from hateful groups as well but when he hears about it he rejects and denounces.

Corey said...

Technically, meaning spun and misinterpreted to fit your motive, you you're still not really right and you could make the same charge against McCain, but at least you won't see people walking around Obama rallies telling people to "Die!" or making false accusations like "Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist."

Chris Monaghan said...

Both parties will have hateful followers. That's a moot point. What matters is that one campaign is stoking the culture wars. Calling Obama someone who pals around with terrorists, "Doesn't see America how we see America". Calling him the other. Using Hussein as his middle name. A lot of people leaving these rallies actually consider him a terrorist, and at least a few have been caught audibly suggesting that he should die.

On the contrary, Obama people think McCain might have once been a decent man but is now a GOP hack who is entirely too much of an old craps shooter to gain the most important office in the world.