Born Again Floozies

Since this started as a music blog, I occasionally feel compelled to report on a new band. This is one of those times.

The Born Again Floozies are a Indianapolis-based quintet with an infectious brand of indie/experimental pop. Just look at the instruments:
Joey Welch - Guitar and Voice
Amy Andrus - Tap and Perc
Nancy Moore - Voice and Perc
Charlie Krone - Trombone and Voice
Melissa Williams - Tuba
Yeah. Tuba. That automatically gives it cred in my mind. Ironically, there's a girl in the UNC tuba section named Melissa Williams. Weird... And who uses tap dancing in a rock band? Somehow they make it work, and rock.

Anyway, check them out below, especially their song "We Got the Power (Love Letter From America)." I just love the little vocal harmonies and, of course, the tuba bass line.


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Charles said...

Thanks for the positive vibe!

Charlie Krone on the slide trombone