Third of Never (and Super Amanda)

What says "rock and roll" better than half naked women dancing?

In my opinion, nothing, and I think that North Carolina native retro-rockers Third of Never have the same idea. I like what I've heard from the band's recently released debut, Moodring, that has heavy, guitar-driven lines and that retro, 70s rock feel that just can't be beat. It's like happy rock 'n' roll, and that's the best kind. It doesn't hurt that they've got YouTube's Super Amanda on their side.

This curvaceous San Franciscan (?) Pilates instructor has no qualms about showing some skin and seems to have taken a liking to Third of Never. She's posted multiple videos of herself dancing and working out to the band, as well as being the central figure of the band's video for "Everyday is a Lonely Night."

Via On The Beat: Drawn together by their mutual love of The Who ("Moodring" includes an aces cover of "Let My Love Open the Door"), [Amanda] Casabianca and [Third of Never's Jon] Dawson met at a Third of Never show in New Jersey.

"We met and exchanged blog addresses, and struck up a friendship from there," says Dawson. "She's really smart and funny, with a lot going on. But she knows how to get noticed. If she was on there reading Nietzsche, nobody would care."

I'd be tempted to agree with Dawson on that one. And now, for the videos.

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