O.A.R. played at Walnut Creek tonight, but because of bad planning and the red hell that I had to work in tonight, the closest I came to the show was listening to three minutes of "Crazy Game of Poker" via my friend's cell phone.

Not quite the same experience as a live show.

Since I couldn't get to the concert I did the next best thing: watched live videos of them on YouTube. Here's my favorite.

In other "me" news, I just finished watching my latest Netflix arrival, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I have to say that I'm a Robert Downey Jr. fan. Who knew that a skittish, mumbling and nervous looking guy would make such a good actor? It almost makes me want to fly out to L.A. and see what happens.

Enjoy the solid O.A.R. video and don't miss out on them when they come around like I did.


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