Carrboro Farming Kid's Camp

Thursday morning I had the pleasure of spending time with one of the coolest people I've met in Carrboro, Marianne Prince. She is starting a kids camp in Carrboro out of her home that focuses on gardening and farming.

When I pulled up she was outside painting her house. There were splashes of yellow on the door and an olive green was being applied to the siding. Marianne, clad in grey cordorouys, plaid shirt and faded purple sweater with glasses and short hair pulled back, hopped down the steps and quickly introduced herself. Then I got the grand tour.

The side of the house is a huge garden with every fruit and vegetable you can imagine waiting to spring out of the ground. Four dogs of varying sizes barked at us from behind the chainlink fence that separated the back yard from the side. The other side of the yard was taken up by a chicken coop, but I didn't see any chickens inside. The door was wide open. They're free-ranging chickens that prance around the yard and the neighbor's yard like they own the place.

It's such a surreal scene, but so much fun. The neighborhood is a great community and one of the reasons why Marianne decided to do the camp. I hope I have a chance to go back and see her when she has some kids around!! Check out her website for the camp here.

Oh, and the best part? The farm is called "Quite Contrary Farm." Yep, from the song "Mary Mary Quite Contrary." You can see the full story about this in the next issue of the Carrboro Commons which should be up next week. I'll post the link here when it comes up.


Don't expect to hear anything else from me this weekend. Right now I'm in a little bakery in Asheville, but soon I'll be here:

It should prove to be a nice weekend.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Mel said...

Sounds fun... but as I said earlier, if only people cared about Carrboro. :)

I like your writing style! Very descriptive but not flowery.

Is this the exact article that will be published? If so, I feel like there is something wrong here: "Marianne, clad grey cordorouys," ... I feel like an "in" is missing. I could be wrong though. And no, I don't mean that sarcastically.

Corey said...

people care about Carrboro, Mel. I promise.

This is not the exact article, it was just a blurb I put up. I'll let you know when the full article goes up online. And yes, the "in" was missing. Thanks for catching it!

GinnySkal said...

You're definitely a good writer. Looking forward to the full article. I highlighted this one on 30THREADS today. http://www.30threads.com/2009/02/18/city-farming-camp-teaches-carrboro-children-about-food-and-plants/