So Long, Sparks

I know a couple of people who will be very unhappy upon hearing that their favorite caffeine-injected awful tasting excuse for an alcoholic beverage is no more. I, on the the other hand, will dance upon its grave.
Apparently the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa "Candidate 2" Madigan,  claimed MillerCoors was illegally marketing the "beverage" to underaged consumers, by sponsoring an air guitar champion, or something.

“These drinks are extremely dangerous in the hands of young people,” Madigan said in a statement. “They contain substantially more caffeine than coffee or soda and are marketed as a way to ‘power’ your nights by staying awake and drinking more alcohol. This is a completely inappropriate message to send to younger audiences.”

Get the full story over at Gawker.


Salvation Holdout said...

That stuff is nuclear waste.

And Mike will be devastated.

Mel said...

Me will dance too.

Tony Kim said...

dear corey, yesterday at the apple store here in new york city, i was literally jumping up and down, just goofing off during work when i looked up and ben folds was standing right in front of me.
i looked at him and said, "hey, you're ben folds."
and he looked at me and smiled and said, "yup."
we had an interesting conversation about how i was really sad that i missed his reunion concert at chapel hill and how he was back there a few days ago recording some a capella tracks.
he was really cool. and then he bought an iPod Touch and left.
then today, Kristen Johnson from Third Rock From The Sun gave me a hug.
Ben Folds was a better story.

Courtney said...

Helen's going to be so upset. Oh well, no more 4 am games of sparks pong on Halloween. I'm still glad I didn't participate in that.

Anna said...

1. Sparks is disgusting.
2. I noticed the grammatical error too, but only Smel would point it out in a comment. :D
3. I want to work in the Apple store in NYC now. New life goal, check.