Out of a job

It looks like the economic crisis/disintigration of the journalism industry has hit me sooner than expected. Much sooner.

I just found out that this will be my last week at Chapel Hill Magazine, the publication I have been interning with this whole semester. Oh, and this is after they asked me to stay on for next semester just a few short weeks ago.

According to the editor, it had nothing to do with performance, but was a decision from higher up to not have any interns next semester and instead hire a full-time employee to do all the work the interns did.

As disappointed as I am, I understand. I don't really blame anyone for what happened, I just wish I had known sooner. The economy sucks and journalism is taking a huge hit. It happens. I just didn't think it would happen before I even graduated.

So, I guess I'm back on the market. If there are any publications or journals that are looking for an intern for next semester (January to May) let me know.


Chris Monaghan said...

Corey on the market is good news for women everywhere

Chris Monaghan said...

Oh, heh. I meant August 2008. If I hadn't changed since coming to college or even UNC, I think I might just dive off something really high~ =D