Just to break up the monotony

UNC-Chapel Hill may be one of the best public universities in the nation, but that doesn't mean we don't know how to have a little bit of fun, especially when it comes to exam time.

Just hang out in the Undergraduate Library during exam week and you'll see what I mean. First, there is the tradition of the UL streakers. These brave guys and gals streak through the lobby of the library at midnight on the night of the exams, just to break up the monotony of studying. Keep things interesting.

Well it seems like this year there is a new study time tradition: the UL Rave Party.

This flash mob took over the UL lobby at midnight on December 8, right in the middle of exam week. Just to break up the monotony. I think I like this tradition more than the streakers. It's more inclusive. And I don't have to take my pants off to participate. Unless I really want to.

And let me just add that I love that our student body knows the words to our alma mater, "Hark the Sound," and the fight song and will sing it at random times. That's school spirit people.

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