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There is an unhealthy correlation between the sheer volume of mail flowing into the inbox and the amount of crazy/bizarre/wacko things exposed to my eyes and ears. Sometimes it feels like being an average fan of art walking around the the Louvre, quickly flocking to the things that are famously familiar while either being drawn into the adventurous pieces or passing them over semi-appalled muttering "I just don't get it!" Luckily, the only thing to "get" about Sunglasses is the combo of catchy tunes and a seriously enjoyable music video.

[MP3] Sunglasses - Whiplash

Information is sparse on this young band from Georgia and they have less than 2,000 MySpace views as I type this, so here's the skinny: (1) they're a duo (2) 8000 bam bam (Samuel Cooper) & Baby Seal (Brady Keehn) first started working together at the Savannah College of Art & Design during Cooper's senior thesis (3) their relationship strictly dealt with dialogue and the mixing of original songs for short film. It's a good things these dudes got along so well during school and decided to make music together afterwards, let alone one of the most enjoyable music videos I've seen in quite some time. It's what you get when you mix 1980s hipsters + dancing + a green screen (and some sunglasses):

All I want to do is shake the rainbow spandex wearing, mustache man's hand and say, "Job well done, sir." I hope it was as fun and trippy for you as it was me, head over to Sunglasses' MySpace for another tune. Here's to hoping Savannah, with all of its southern splendor, has a hidden musical sweet spot.

Not only is this song trippy and friggin' amazing, the song is doubly so. I highly suggest you download it. And I mean now. Then do a dance in your Wayfarers.

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