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Even if there is no love lost between Duke and North Carolina basketball fans, there's not much hate in the rivalry, either, according to a survey released today by Public Policy Polling.

Thirty-five percent of North Carolinians said they'd root for UNC Wednesday night, compared to 21 percent who said they'd root for Duke. Nearly half, 44 percent, said they don't care who wins.

Among those respondents who have a rooting interest in the game, just 18-20 percent of Duke fans and 17 percent of North Carolina fans said they "hate" their rival.

Both fan bases had generally positive fews of their rival's coaches, according to the survey.

Tar Heels supporters view Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski favorably by 46-26 percent. Blue Devils fans are less positive about UNC coach Roy Williams, but still view him favorably by 27-24 percent.

Maybe this is true for people that are just fans or graduated from either school long ago, but I bet if you polled current students and recent graduates you would get a MUCH different result.

Go to hell, dook!

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