Tuesday Guilty Pleasure: Indie romantic comedies

Look, I posted two weeks in a row! I'm back, baby!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I'm really in the mood for a romantic comedy right now?" If you're a guy, the answer is probably no.

I might just be the exception.

The guy at the box office or clerk at the local Blockbuster usually assumes that I'm seeing that romantic comedy because I'm with my girlfriend and she somehow tricked me into it. Well, that's not always the case. Sometimes I'm really feeling a good romantic comedy.

Now let me clarify. I'm not talking a crappy, stereotypical romantic comedy like "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" (biggest waste of two hours ever...) where a guy and a girl don't realize how much they care for each other, then they do, then one of them screws up and works the rest of the movie trying to get the other one back and they ride off into the sunset together. No. Forget that.

I'm talking the cute, indie-style romantic comedies that have become popular recently, where the two characters just have a good relationship and that's it. They go through life's problems and deal with them.

What made me think about this was seeing "Away We Go," with John Krasinski (Jim from the Office) and Maya Rudolph. The two characters are undeniably in love and they go across the country seeing old friends and trying to find a new place to live. Sounds simple, and it is. But it was hilarious and heartwarming.

Even though it's a little different, and definitely not as good of a movie, I would put "Garden State" in the same category. Same with "Juno."

I hate the formulaic, boring and overacted romantic comedies. But give me a fun and cute love story and I'm so down. I can't wait until "500 Days of Summer" comes out....


Chris said...

What, on video? I heard that was somewhat disappointing, and the real "change-up" of the summer in that genre was Judd Apatow's comedy with Adam Sandler.

But in either case, I mostly agree. They can be fun, and it's not as if chill guys don't want a healthy, enjoyable, challenging relationship. I liked Juno, though I wouldn't call it a Romantic Comedy, and the more I watch it the more hatred I feel for Garden State (Zach Braff is a toolzoid).

Give me Sabrina! Or Science of Sleep! No those are Romantic-whatevers I can get on board with.

Eddie Z. said...

Actually, I'm one of those people as well who have these moods where they want to watch a good love-ly flick..

Other films you should probably check out are Me and You and Everyone We Know, which is weirdly overlooked for some reason, In Search of a Midnight Kiss, Once, Cashback, Punch-Drunk Love and Waitress.


P.S. Chris, I just watched Funny People the other day, and it's actually a pretty good film. But it's not your normal Apatow comedy; so don't expect to be laughing through the movie, and you'll enjoy it.