Lake Norman News and Cabarrus News

All the hard work the last month has finally paid off! On Wednesday, my four coworkers and I successfully launched the Cabarrus News and the Lake Norman News. So far, we have had very positive response, including an e-mail from a man who was going to cancel his Observer subscription until he saw our new section.

I had three bylines total in the two first issues, and one article that didn't have a byline. For the Cabarrus News, I wrote an article in a volleyball player at Concord High School who signed a letter of intent to play at Washington State University. I also wrote an article about a soccer game between Concord and Hickory Ridge.

In the Lake Norman News, I wrote an article on an indoor skate park that opened in August in Cornelius, and wrote a game preview that didn't have a byline.

The sections look great and I'm so excited that other people can finally see them. We're already wrapping up the second issue and moving onto the third. You can read another soccer game recap that I wrote last night and will be published in the second issue of the Lake Norman News.

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Let me know what you think!!

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Chris said...

Well first of all, I think the writing is really very good. In the article about the soccer match, for instance, you do a great job in capturing the competition and the excitement.

I'd also like to point out something you probably feel yourself, and that is that this type of publication--community-based news--has so much inherent value. I think there's plenty of validity in the idea that when people take more care in their communities, everyone within that community benefits. This is genuinely positive byproduct from church, but it's hardly the only means through which it can be offered. Getting psyched about your community and learning more about your neighbors and peers improves trust, safety, and overall happiness.

So, in both respects, rock on man. Keep up the good work.