Tuesday Guilty Pleasure!

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Now on to the business at hand. It's time for my weekly confession of something I really like that I really, really shouldn't! This week's selection actually came from a cool little feature I saw last week that ranked the 12 greatest key changes in pop music. As a rule, I can't stand key changes at the end of songs as a way to keep things interesting, especially when it changes about five times while the singer keeps singing the chorus, straining as the notes go higher and higher. 
There were, though, a few songs that caught my attention. This weeks song is hard for me to explain. I really shouldn't like it because, as it says in the post, it's "one big key change." And it's an extremely cheesy and sappy song that no man's man would ever be caught dead singing. But when have I ever claimed to be a man's man?
Honestly, I think I have to attribute it to the way the song just continually builds (thanks, key changes) and finally peaks in a barrage of piano, gospel choir and heavy drum fills. I also love how the beginning is so dark and mysterious, too. Or maybe it's because I have this great '80s movie choreographed in my head as I listen to this song. 
Either way, there it is, another guilty pleasure.
P.S. how creepy is that video?? That was not the gospel choir I was expecting....


Anonymous said...

Hey man that video wasent the only thing shocking lolfinding you online bloging is even more shocking. anyways what was with every other line saying "Turn around" anyways ttyl

Fed X

Anonymous said...

Hey man i messed up the above comment by Fed X in case you forgot is Sean Neusen Cary High 05

Kelsey said...

Great post, Corey! I had only seen the end of that video while channel surfing-I caught it on VH1 Classic at the point when the choir comes in. Every 80s video needs a healthy usage of wind machines, ninjas and choirs with headlights for eyes. Seems the wind machine took a toll on the dancers' clothing at the end :)

Salvation Holdout said...

Drivin' some traffic.