Google is taking over the world!!

Today, Google announced that they are releasing a brand spankin' new operating system based on their recently released browser, Chrome. Google Chrome OS is backed by Linux, but the majority of the applications will actually run on the internet. 
From CNET: "
Google Chrome OS is being created for people who spend most of their time on the Web, and is being designed to power computers ranging from small Netbooks to full-size desktop systems," Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management, and Linus Upson, engineering director, said in the blog post.
The move has widespread implications.
One is that it shows just how serious Google is about making the Web into a foundation not just for static pages but for active applications, notably its own such as Google Docs and Gmail. Another: it opens new competition with Microsoft and, potentially, a new reason for antitrust regulators to pay close attention to Google's moves.
Google is all about some Web based applications, but I'm just not sure how practical something like this is. Of course, I'm not terribly tech savvy, but I have reservations about putting so much faith in the internet. Users don't always have internet access. Or what happens when the internet unexpectedly goes down?
I'm not too worried about all of this, though. I'm sure Google has all the answers, or they'll figure it out before too long. Chrome is a pretty sweet browser. I used it on my old PC because nothing else seemed to run quickly at all. And I'm pretty sure I would be lost if I didn't have Gmail and all its bells and whistles. I'm interested to see how this all plays out and how much Microsoft freaks out. 
In other news, it looks like the creators of Twitter is shopping around for a buyer and, thankfully, Murdoch isn't interested. I think I might have to shut down my Twitter account if the big bad wolf takes control. I'm thinking we'll see Google buy it before anyone else does.


Salvation Holdout said...

I think this is a can't-lose move. Resources devoted to creating a lean operating system can't be too much. It throws Microsoft, its biggest competitor, into new front. It's also primarily built to get people on the internet--most important for new Netbooks, a hardware field companies like Sony are diving into.

Corey said...

That's definitely true. It doesn't cost them much and brings them more ad revenue by directing things to their search engines. And I do think it's perfect for the Netbooks, but I'm really interested to see if it catches on with other laptops and desktops.

If nothing else, it will definitely get Microsoft thinking.

Anna said...

I can, though, see Google using an OS to generate ad revenue in some way - tracking use to rpvide tailored ads, incorporating ads into the OS in order to "keep it free" , etc. After all, that's where the money's at. Do we really need more advertisement infiltration?