Some people never learn

At least it wasn't UNC students this time.

Our good friends at Youth for Western Civilization decided to bring another esteemed speaker to our campus after the Tom Tancredo debacle, Virgil Goode. You would think that people would learn from the first group of protesters and find a way to peacefully debate this close-minded speaker. Maybe we'd get a chance to clear our name and show that UNC can protest intelligently. Then I saw this headline: "University officials: Six people arrested in protest." Great.

I was happy to read on Friday that the protesters were not part of the UNC community. They were just some punks from Raleigh, Orange County and Carrboro. Making us look bad....

Even though it was nice to see that they had nothing to do with UNC, in light of the Tancredo incident and all the blame that was placed on Students for a Democratic Society, any protests at UNC make us look like a bunch of closed-minded liberals. So do us a favor, crazy people that have no relationship to UNC: stay the hell home.

And just to update the Tancredo incident, Haley Koch, who just so happened to be on the cover of a magazine I produced for my Magazine Editing class, was arrested Thursday by CHPD for her involvement in the protest last week. They are not messing around!


Salvation Holdout said...

Haley Koch rules. And she's really pissed about the whole thing.

Corey said...

I'm sure she's mad and she seems like a cool person. The article we did on her for the magazine was great. Courtney knows her too.

I'm just saying, the whole protest was dumb.

Corey said...

but that doesn't mean that it's her fault. I have no idea.