Yes, I am still alive

In this internet age, it's scary how disconnected and alone you can feel when you don't have a functioning computer for a few weeks. I feel like I haven't talked to my friends, have no idea what is going on in the world and have neglected all of my loyal followers on this wonderful blog.

But never fear, my computer is back and so am I.

Here is a quick rundown of the end of 2008 and the very beginning of 2009:

Dec. 21 - Dec. 24: Scrambled like a mad man trying to get last minute Christmas shopping done, because of course I wait until the last minute along with every other male in America.

Dec. 25: Christmas with the family. Promised a MacBook, but not sure when I'll ever get it. It's looking like it will be around graduation.

Dec. 26: Left for Charlotte to meet the band and get ready for the Meineke Car Care Bowl where UNC played West Virginia.

Dec. 27: Watched an exciting game that Carolina gave away in the last five minutes with a fumble and an interception. Typical. Sang karaoke with the band. Kinda.

Dec. 28-31: Went to my girlfriend's house in Charlotte. Had great fun. Saw "Marley and Me." Only shed one tear. Got the original Star Wars movies on DVD, a sweet wallet and Obama's book. Watched football. Threw a football. Went ice skating. Ended up staying a lot longer than I planned to.

Dec. 31-Jan. 1: Went to a friend's house in Charlotte with my girlfriend to celebrate the New Year. Felt good after quite a few Knob Creek on the rocks. Kissed at the New Year. Met fun people. Shot myself in the stomach with a roman candle. Had a roman candle war with my girlfriend. She totally owned me. Finally left Charlotte on New Years Day.

Jan. 3: Went to Greensboro with the girlfriend to have Christmas with my mom's family. Got a tent. Played dirty santa. Started out with a pressure cooker, but it got stolen and ended up with a beautiful painting of the bell tower in Chapel Hill. Ate good food. Played a lot of Guitar Hero with my cousins.

Jan. 4: Came back to Chapel Hill. Watched the UNC basketball team fall apart against Boston College. Cussed a lot. Went out to Franklin Street with some friends to make it all better.

And here we are, back in the present. I have pictures of some of this stuff, but I just got the computer back and haven't taken the time to put them all on here. It will happen soon enough and they will show up on my Flickr.

I'll be updating regularly again, assuming that I don't collapse under the stress of a new semester. Or the stress of graduating. Or the stress of finding a job.

I will leave you with the link to a very interesting story that I found in the News and Observer today. It's about a teacher who marries a homeless man. Hilarity ensues. Enjoy.

Merry New Year.


Mel said...

I saw that movie with my family! I shed more than one tear... :(

Salvation Holdout said...

That's quite the late Christmas.

And you have to hate those grab-bag rules. Everyone always takes someone else's prized posesh.

Salvation Holdout said...

And Marley and Me is such a marketing equation. They obviously roped in Mel.

Mel said...

Re trying-to-be-a-cynic: Then you never had a dog, or at least never had one that you had to put to sleep. It is one of the saddest things (short of human death, obviously) that you can experience.

Corey said...

I have to side with Mel on this one. I can see where you're coming from if you've never had a dog or are just not really a dog person, but I have a 13-year-old dog who has cancer and will probably have to be put down soon.

It's a cute and funny movie. And I love dogs. Owen Wilson kinda looks like a dog.