It snowed today. And some other unlikely news

As a long time central-North Carolina resident, I have a habit of not believing local weathermen when they tell me it's going to snow. The area has a long history of mocking the hundreds of closed schools, dozens of salt trucks and thousands of pounds of salt that await that blustery winter storm by bringing small flurries or often nothing at all. So when the wizards of weather said that we would get up to four inches of snow last night, I thought "OK, that means there might be some ice on my car tomorrow. No worries." Imagine my surprise when I woke up to this:

Yep, that's right. We got our four inches. But here's the best part: UNC stayed open. The bookstore stayed open. Instead of enjoying the first good snow that I've seen since high school, I was in the bookstore selling books to students who had no business being on campus in the first place. UNC and our buddies in Durham were the only two universities in the area that I know of that stayed open. Even N.C. State closed. I guess they figured that if the busses could still run everyone could get to class.

But wait. One of the girls that was supposed to work today couldn't come in because her bus stopped running. Why did it stop running, you ask? Because a bus that route wasn't able to make it up the steep hill on Hillsborough Street and ended up sliding back down. But that's not enough reason to cancel classes apparently.

UNC eventually did come to its senses and closed school at 3:30 p.m. and delayed tomorrow's opening until 10 a.m. But while most of the other businesses (including Student Stores) closed their doors early today because of the weather, the Tarheel Book Store soldiered on, which means I had to work until 5 p.m. No snow playing for me.

Maybe next time, assuming there is a next time anywhere in the near future.


In other news, I was selected as a co-editor for the Carrboro Commons, a twice-monthly online publication that is published by my Community Journalism class. I'm not sure how I got the job, but I'll take it. I'm very excited and it should be an interesting endeavor. Check out the site over the next few weeks to see how it progresses.


Chris said...

That's great news dude. I'm psyched to read it =)

Anna said...


less time on academia, MORE TIME ON THE BLOG!

Ye haven't updated in epochs! :D