The end of the Noise Bazaar...

All good things must come to an end.... Man that was cliche, even for me.

Anyway, after weeks of thought, I've decided to step away from the Noise Bazaar blog here.

I've enjoyed posting my thoughts here, but I have noticed that recently all it has become is a dumping ground for links that I find. It had no direction...never really did. That made it hard to keep up to date. I couldn't even keep Tuesday Guilty Pleasure going.

It doesn't help that everyday I get spam comments on this and the blogger blogs I have at work too. Getting old.

I've decided to reorganize my blog presence.

If you didn't already know, I have a blog over at Posterous, "Preposterous," that I use to post videos, pictures and links I find around the web. It's much easier to update on a regular basis, so it's become the go-to blog. I will continue to update it, so follow me there if you want to read more of my stuff. I might even try to resurrect TGP over there if I get the inspiration.

I'm also still on Twitter, so you can always follow me there.

I was looking for something to get me writing again: something that I could write about each week outside of work, to keep things fresh. Most of you know that I have a new dog, Gracie. She's the perfect subject matter.

Last week, I launched "a man and his dog," a blog that I will update at least once a week about the adventures of me and my dog. I hope you'll read that blog regularly and also follow the Twitter account for more regular updates. The first post is already up and the second will be up on Thursday.

I will not delete this blog, but it will no longer have updates. For now, www.coreyinscoe.com will still redirect to here. Eventually, with the help of iWeb, I hope to set up a homepage at ci.com that will link to all of my stuff.

Thanks again for those who have read here and commented and I hope that you'll keep reading and interacting with me at my new sites.

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