Tuesday Guilty Pleasure: "Hoarders"

A&E is my new favorite channel (and one of the three I know by heart here in Charlotte) and shows like "Hoarders" are the reason.

Nothing makes an unorganized, cluttery person like myself feel better about life than watching people who have houses literally overflowing in junk.

So my coffee table is a little messy. This woman hasn't been able to get into her kitchen for the past three years.

So I have a few clothes on the floor of my room. This guy hasn't seen the floor of his house since the last time the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs.

I do feel a little bad about the people that have serious psychological issues related to OCD and hoarding, but at least their getting help. But I have to admit that seeing a guy freak out about throwing away old beer cans is hilarious.

I just don't understand how people can live in some of these houses. They literally don't have room to move, breathe or make a decent meal. Piles of dirty dishes, trash and "collectibles" litter every room. Some people can't even get into their bedrooms anymore.

The show is inspirational, though. Right now I'm washing dishes and folding clothes.