Florida Comment, Tasers and Movies

So I just happened to be looking at my post about Florida and UNC football and saw that I had a comment: only the second one I've ever had on this thing, the first being Chris calling me an asshole.

It came out of nowhere and was a little hostile, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. "anonymous" isn't as anonymous as I first thought. If there's someone really reading this in Florida then I don't know how the fuck that happened.

I guess I can always count on my friends to fuck with my mind.

On another note, doesn't it seem like cops are getting really taser-happy? I guess I can only think of three major instances where they have been used, but each time it seems to me like they were used in excess and were unnecessary. There was the UCLA library incident last year, I read in the paper today that a woman was tasered after being arrested for a bar fight, and, of course, we can't forget the incident at the John Kerry talk at the University of Florida.

I know that these weapons are meant to disable people and get them under control, but they can actually do some serious damage. I don't know if cops really understand the power those things possess. I could be off the mark, and these could all be justified uses, but it just looks a little off to me.

In an earlier post (and it may have even been on a different blog...I don't remember) I tried to list my top 10 favorite movies of all time. I struggled with the list, and knew that there were plenty of classic movies that I have yet to see. Now that I have watched more movies in my film class and have really gotten into my Netflix subscription, I think I can make a better run at my top 10.

1) The Godfather (Pts. I and II...I want to group them as the same movie. I think it works.)
2) The Graduate
3) Fight Club
4) Pulp Fiction
5) Little Miss Sunshine
6) Vanilla Sky
7) Memento
8) Lost in Translation
9) Crash
10) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I guess that's a slightly better list. I still have a lot of movies on my Netflix queue and plenty more for my film class. If you haven't seen any of the movies on this list, watch them now.

Enough rambling for tonight. If you made that comment, at least let me know who you are, don't leave me in suspense, kiddos.


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Chris said...

That's a pretty sick list. It's missing key movies, though, like "Scary Movie" and "Encino Man". But it's coming along just fine.